Education and Outreach Unit

We develop training tailored to the needs of physical scientists entering cancer research and to cancer biologists adopting physical science approaches. Training elements include classroom instruction, lab-based minicourses, and immersion experiences. For physical science trainees, the focus is on gaining a solid grounding in modern cancer biology, developing critical laboratory skills that are less common in the physical sciences, and gaining exposure to clinical medicine and translational research. For cancer biology trainees, the goal is to learn what physical science methods enable in biomedical research, develop aptitude in applying these approaches, and see an engineering lab from the inside. Both groups of trainees participate in an innovative, student-led course on metabolism in cancer. Other programs aim to broaden the perspective of trainees and include a trainee-led Cancer Brainstorming Club, interactions with patient advocates, and planning for diverse careers. These activities aim to facilitate interactions between physical science/engineering and cancer biology/oncology that enhance cancer research.