Core 2: Biophysics and Metabolic Imaging Core

3d_laconic-2The Biophysical and Metabolic Imaging Core provides the optical imaging instrumentation, facilities and expertise for the high resolution imaging, biophysical analysis and image processing tasks required by the three PSOC projects, as well as any pilot or trans-network projects that may develop. We provide high-end microscopy instrumentation for dynamic measurements of the cellular metabolic state using both fluorescent metabolic sensors and intrinsic sources such as NADH and FAD containing proteins, for the visualization of tissue morphology, microvesicle shedding and for quantitative imaging of cellular nanoscale mechanical properties using several forms of super-resolution microscopy.  The Biophysical and Metabolic Imaging Core leverages both state-of-art commercial instrumentation, as well as custom-built instruments specifically optimized for the research needs of PSOC investigators and their projects.