Inaugural Retreat

Center on the Physics of Cancer Metabolism

Inaugural retreat of our Center brought together more than 50 scientists from Ithaca, New York, San Francisco, and Houston to discuss science across all participating institutions.

A special thanks goes to all poster presenters.┬áThe posters that were selected by the jury for this year’s $250 poster award were:

Mammary Window Imaging of Breast Carcinoma Cell Invasion in Vivo, Olga Ilina, Leonard Campanello, Pavel Gritsenko, Chenlu Wang, Rachel Lee, Manon Vullings, Beerling E, Antoine A. Khalil, Michael C Weiger, Paul Span, Peter Bult, Jacco van Rheenen, Wolfgang Losert, Peter Friedl

A Genetically Encoded Toolbox for Glycocalyx Engineering: Tunable Control of Cell Adhesion, Survival, and Motility, Carolyn Shurer, Marshall Colville, Shelby Head, Vivek Gupta, Matthew Paszek


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